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A gender-neutral, all ages gift guide for 2021 with unique ideas to give beautiful everyday things at any price point.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Everyday Beauty

white packages wrapped with red string with a sprig of holly tucked into the string on top of a warm wooden floor

This gift guide is filled with Beautiful Everyday Things because with all the effort and time it takes to get the ones we love the perfect gift, I always want to make sure that what I’m giving is something they’ll use every single day Because a gift that goes unused doesn’t help anybody!

Check out this year’s other holiday gift guides, Small Comforts, and Moments of Joy. Also, check out all the past shopping guides right here.

Handmade Homewares

Seeing the human touch in what we surround ourselves with is so important, now more than ever. So these items are lovely ways to add a handmade touch to their home while supporting small makers from around the globe.

Pocket Upgrades

Those little things they carry in their pocket every day could ALWAYS use an upgrade, or even a simple once over with a cleaning cloth!

Set a Beautiful Table

It’s so nice to enjoy even a quick meal at a table that’s thoughtfully set. So these items are everyday updates that can make all meals special. Also, I love these beeswax pillar candles, they smell amazing; and the candle holders are a great small size to double as a vase! Perfect as thank you gifts, too.

A Gardener Tool Kit

Again, simple everyday things that they’ll use over and over are my favorite kind of gift. So while a simple, straightforward hose nozzle might seem like a really weird gift, for someone nurturing a new lawn or a newly planted flower bed, this is something that makes their life easier and more enjoyable. Which is why we do this! (But also, using this weed fork is so satisfying!)

Cocktails & Bites

This was my favorite cookbook I read this year, hands down. And I love the idea that every day can be celebrated with an aperitif and a nibble at the end of the workday. So this set of special plates, glasses, and the book is a perfect gift to say thank you or to remind them to slow down and take a moment to celebrate each and every day.

Fitness Musts

It’s true – getting your body moving really DOES make a difference. So no matter if you’ve got a runner in your life that’s been eyeing some new shoes, or just someone who likes to workout to the loudest 70s rock you’ve ever heard, these gifts help them with that little bit of self-care in their everyday.

Supplies for an Omnivore

One thing to come out of the pandemic for us is finding a better way to enjoy meat that’s done as sustainably as possible. So I’d couple a gift box from ButcherBox with a great board and knife combo for those red-meat or pescatarian foodies in your life. (And you can use that link there for 30% off your own first box!)

Everyday Bauble Storage

Knowing that everything has a place is a comfort, and having those places be beautiful is a joy. And who doesn’t want that? These pieces will work great in every room of the house, too.

Tools for Comfort Food

Aside from being more thoughtful with what we’re eating day to day, trying to keep our meals seasonal has made a huge difference in our food costs, too. This cookbook has been integral to give us new ideas to try. Try the Polenta recipe – it’s foolproof! And this heavy cast iron pot and gorgeous wooden spoons are the perfect tools to get it made.

Candlight Supplies

Lighting the candles when we sit down at the table to eat or settling on the couch in front of the TV at night has become an important ritual in our day. And having the right tools not only makes it easier but special, too – and I love that this set comes with a tray. These are great thank you gifts, too!

Setting up the New Cook

No matter if they are moving into their first place or simply wanting to expand their cooking skills, these three things will help them get started. And measuring spoons that fit into standard spice jars is life-changing.

Little Everyday Moments of Beauty

Simple things like a fancier pen to take daily notes, hands-free lunchtime reading (or dinner cooking!), and hot coffee all morning long are the tiny helpers that get us through.

I’ve truly realized over the past 18 months, that having little things around you that make you happy is so important to surviving everyday life. So I hope each of these beautiful useful gift ideas helps you to share moments of beauty with everyone in your life. Happy Shopping, friends!

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed by your renovation anymore.

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of solutions for the overwhelming home projects in your busy life.

I'm Mel!

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