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A gender-neutral, all ages gift guide for 2021 with unique ideas to give small moments of joy at any price point.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Moments of Joy

image of a holiday gift wrapped in flamingo paper and tied with a satin ribbon

No matter if you’re young or old, we all deserve a little more joy in our lives – ESPECIALLY after the last two years. So these holiday gift guides have lots of ideas for all the people in your life who could use a little something fun.

Check out this year’s other holiday gift guides, Small Comforts, and Everyday Beauty. Also, check out all the past shopping guides right here.

Rainbow Puzzles for All Ages

Joyful, colorful, creative, and fun, these puzzles will keep kids of all ages occupied for literal minutes. But they look so darn good it’ll be worth it just having them around.

Grown-Up Legos

They’re not just for kids anymore. These expert-level sets are amazing and look so relaxing to put together – and also so great to put on display!

LEGO nintendo

LEGO Nintendo – $229.95

LEGO bouquet

LEGO Bouquet – $40.00

LEGO mustang

LEGO Mustang – $149.95

Toys that don’t make noise

Yes, these are for the kiddos, but also, these are for you. No batteries, no noise, just creativity, and play. These are hands down the toys most played with at Aunt Mel’s house – especially the wooden blocks!

Happy Desk Supplies

No matter if the kids are still remote learning, or if you just want their return to the work desk to be a little less sad, these colorful and fun office supplies are great for bringing a little joy to their daily life. Pick their favorite color and go to town.

Easy Ice Cream

While I’m not typically a fan of uni-tasker appliances in my kitchen, this looks like it solves the homemade non-dairy ice cream difficulty with such ease that I’m willing to make an exception here. Also ice cream makes everyone happy!

Colorful, magical lighting

If you’ve watched any TikTok in the past 12 months, you’ve seen these LED lights in the backgrounds of at least 300 of the videos. But having a bit of color to your evening lights is something that’s great even if you’re not a content creator. So fun, and so customizable, these will make their space a little more magical.

Cake, Cake & Cake

When in doubt, or having a rough go of it, nothing is happier than a bit of cake. And it makes the house smell so good, too…I am also completely obsessed with that tiny Bundt pan! A Bundtlette! OMG

Movies at Home (or in the Backyard)

While I’m just not ready to hit up the movie theater in person yet, I do miss the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen with a hot bucket of popcorn. So here’s a set of gifts to give them their own big-screen experience – with the popcorn, too. (And I’d combine this with the Block Rocker for outdoor sound.)

Kid Wigs

The ultimate addition to the dress-up box, these are perfect for imaginary stage performances, secret disguises, and general shenanigans. Also perfect for that teen who wants to constantly change their hair. The more colorful and crazy, the better.

Indoor Camping

I could not resist including this ADORABLE felt campfire set – which even comes with pretend S’mores! Add a fun card game and store it all in the log stool for easy access.

Working Puzzles of Old Fashioned Machines

These are just the coolest. They actually work! Plus, they’ll also look great on display once they’re constructed.

Make friends with nature

Little else has brought us more joy than making our backyard bird and bug-friendly. These are such a simple addition, and the various creatures that share our property have become members of our extended family. Perfect gifts for someone with a desk in a window, or even simply placed in a kitchen window.

Small Joys

Tiny things that can fit in a stocking or on a dinner plate – or maybe even in a Christmas cracker.

Little moments of joy have become so important to daily survival. So I hope each of these holiday gift guides helps you to share joy with everyone in your life. Happy Shopping, friends!

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed by your renovation anymore.

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of solutions for the overwhelming home projects in your busy life.

I'm Mel!

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