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Birthdays! Birthdays for Everyone!

Dec 14

Mel Sikorski


white wall with gold ribbon streamers and silver mylar balloons with the numbers 3 and 0

I  do mean that literally.  Between the 8th of December and the 7th of January, my family celebrates 4 different birthdays.  And that doesn’t include a certain religious figure…

My Dad, my husband, my sister, and my niece all turn a year older around the holidays.  I imagine it’s very weird to have all the hubbub of the holidays happening the same time as your birthday – but it’s important to celebrate separately from Christmas.  They deserve it.   So my sis and I started planning a joint birthday party all together two years ago, and we’re planning on carrying on the tradition this year.  We always try and do a small cake and gifts together at one time sometime before the big Christmas shindig.

Below, I pulled together a simple and quick party scheme that can be ordered online and includes a bakery cake that you add some decoration to once you get it home.

Joint Birthday Party Plan

Not overtly theme-y (no Peppa Pig), the color scheme I was inspired by works great if you’re 6 or 60, and no matter your gender. It’s fresh, fun and feels like a celebration.

color inspiration for birthday party, street with bright colored walls, muilticolored tassel art, and model in cobalt blue pants and white bow top in front of abstract painted backdrop

Yellow is such a good foil for dark blue and brighter shades of pink and blue – this is a seasonless scheme that would work year-round – and for us, there’s another batch of shared birthdays (my brother-in-law, niece, nephew and myself) all within 3 weeks of each other come April.

Party hats are required no matter what time of year it is.  I like to dress up a bunch of simple pearled balloons with a tassel tail and hang some simple honeycombs from the ceiling.  A banner reminds you of the reason you’re all there and provides a great selfie backdrop.  Plates and cups in fresh colors and a clean stripe pull it all together.  You could do one big layer cake or small individual ones in the honored guest’s favorite flavor or color. (My niece once picked blue velvet.)

moodboard with party supplies for a joint family birthday with white balloone with multicolor tassels, multicolor honecomb ceiling decorations, party hats, a white layer cake with yellow candles and turquoise sprinkles

01 – White Balloons filled at the grocery store, or ordered here and filled at Party City; tassels are 1 pack of each of 3 colors from Amazon. (I used yellow, blue, and hot pink)

02 – Honeycombs from Oh Happy Day (which are the BEST) Yellow Striped, Pink Ball, Dark Blue Diamond, and Light Blue Diamond

03 – Happy Birthday Banner from Amazon

04 – Party Hats from Oh Happy Day

05 – White layer cake from your local grocery or homemade if your game; decorated with 06 –  Birthday Balloons from Fancy Sprinkles and Yellow Birthday Candles from Amazon

07 – Plates, Napkins, Cups, and Cutlery, all from Oh Happy Day

Here’s to another trip around the sun! Happy Birthday!!!

If you ever need help planning your next family birthday, let me know! I’m here to help.

hear from you soon, mel signature

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