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You need to understand if you could DIY or want to find great local painters in your area.

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All spots for Color & Curb Appeal help have been filled for 2020, and I am putting the pause on the waitlist for 2021.

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All spots for Color & Paint Selection help have been filled until Mid-July.  

However, I would be happy to place your name on the waitlist for the first available consultation opening later this summer.

If you'll fill in the info, I'll contact you with more information and updated timing shortly.

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I keep formal office hours 6 days a week. You can expect me to respond promptly during these times.

After hours, unless you've booked an appointment with me, I disconnect from my phone & computer to re-charge my brain & body.

I do not have set days for specific projects or tasks, so every day is different - just the way I like it!

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by appointment only


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seattle, wa


"Mel helped us plan the best party of our lives.  Everyone kept saying how much it felt like us.  Our friends still talk about it!"

Colleyville, tx


"She did so much to understand my style.  I had no idea what my style was or what I wanted.  Mel made all those worries go away, and now I have a house I can be proud of."

cape canaveral, fl


"Working with Mel was like waving a magic wand and instantly having  a new place that felt like home."