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Gift ideas that bring Comfort and give Beauty for Everyday.

Gift Guides 2019: Comfort & Everyday Beauty

image a brown wrapped present with white ribbon bow next to gingerbread christmas tree cookies on a red vintage biscuit tin

Two more gift guides with lots of 2019 gift ideas for all your Holiday needs! You can find the first set for this year, Joy & Thanks, right here. And last year’s guides, right here. Today, though, I’m looking at Gifts that bring Comfort, and Gifts that give Everyday Beauty.

That second one is critical to me because some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received have been everyday items, beautifully designed. Every time I use them, I think fondly of the person that gave them to me. And because the gifts were well made, solid classics, I’ve had some of them for a very long time.

But, first, let’s talk about Comfort.

Gift Ideas for 2019: Gifts to Give Comfort

Cozy, comfy and warm. All the things that everybody needs at some point. Things that make you feel good, things that smell good, things that taste oh so good. There’s so much talk about wellness and self-care these days, but I think some good old-fashioned comfort is just as important.

image of room spray in brown bottle

P.F. Candle Co. Room Spray, Sandalwood + Rose, Large


I cannot feel comfortable until the space I’m in smells good. And this room spray SMELLS GOOD. Great to spritz right after the bed gets fresh bedding, this is a great gift for someone who doesn’t generally light candles.

image of ceramic noodle bowl with chopstick rest

Rory Reactive Glaze Noodle Bowl, Blue


When you talk about comfort, a warm bowl of brothy noodles is right at the top of the list. Tonkatsu, Udon, good ‘ol Chicken Noodle, whichever they prefer. If they live in a delivery area, combine these bowls with a Ramen Hero gift card.

image of wooden wick company candle kit

Shimmering Clove Candle Kit

WOODEN WICK CO. – $29.95

As I mentioned before, I’m super sensitive to scent. I almost always have a candle burning – but that can get super expensive to buy candles retail, and my favorite scents at the price I wanted to pay kept getting discontinued. So, I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and started making my own candles. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve found that Wooden Wick Co. has the BEST scents, the best wax, and the best wicks on the market. And now, they’ve got a gift kit to make your own. This one is pumpkin + persimmon in a copper glass vessel. Fresh pumpkin and fruit with just the right amount of spice and sweetness, rounded out with a light dose of vanilla. Includes everything they’ll need to bring some good smells and warm light into their home.

image of knit mittens with modern abstract pattern in red and cream, with tech fingertips

ZIG-ZAG Evold Touch Screen Gloves, One Size

AMAZON – $34.99

These beautifully patterned gloves are made in Japan, and have touchscreen fingertips. I also adore how long they are, I want that warmth all the way up above my elbows under my winter coat!

image of overscale knit weighted blanket in light grey velvet

Velvet Napper Weighted Blanket – Platinum, 20lbs, 45 x 72″

BEARABY – $259.00

The hype is real, yall. And these are the most luxurious weighted blankets I’ve ever seen. This one is silky soft velvet. In the words of the company “Chunky, cozy and delightfully heavy”. Perfect.

image of khaki cashmere scarf with modern fringe

Cashmere Scarf – Khaki

UNIQLO – $49.90

CASHMERE IS NEVER A BAD IDEA. That’s it. That’s the post.

image of two kids in buffalo check pajamas

Patterned Twill Pajama Set, Black and White Buffalo Plaid

OLD NAVY – $29.99

Look at these cuties!!! I love a two-piece PJ set, so super cute, and so super soft in brushed twill. And they can be worn as separates with other jams. Also available in other plaids and some cute Christmas patterns. ADORBS.

image of fuzzy drawstring teddy jacket in warm honey color

UO Willow Fuzzy Drawstring Teddy Jacket, Honey


This thing just looks like a big ‘ole hug. Available in 6 beautiful modern colors, this fuzzy and warm Teddy Jacket is the perfect ridiculous coat to wear for every day. I would wear this at my desk like a cardigan.

image of velvet scrunchies in muted jewel tones from dark to light

Velvet Scrunchies, 12 pack, Assorted Colors

AMAZON – $9.49

I don’t know, friends. This one makes me feel old because I wore the hell outta some scrunchies back in the day. I would have ADORED this set of velvet ones, in some truly beautiful colors. Nothing is as satisfying as pulling your long hair back in a comfortable way, and scrunchies are extremely comfortable.

image of white cookies jar and stack of soft chocolate chip cookies

Ceramic Cookie Jar, 2 Qt.

WAYFAIR – $28.99

Almost nothing is as comforting as a soft cookie baked by someone you love. And there are a million cookie jar styles out there, so pick a theme or color they love and fill it with their favorite treat. I love this foolproof recipe for chocolate chip, but whatever they love is the best idea.

More gift ideas for 2019, coming right up. Next, Everyday Beauty.

Gift Ideas for 2019: Everyday Beauty

This is my favorite set of gifts. There are so many things I use every day (a robe, a set of knives, a tea coaster, a hand blender) that make me think of the people that gave them to me every time I use them. And that connection is the magic of gift-giving. They made me feel special by giving me something useful. Things I’ve had for years and still love. So that’s what I’m going for with all the gift ideas in this round-up. Longevity and Connection. And Beauty.

image for pinterest showing gift ideas for 2019, highlighting everyday gifts that are beautiful
image of grey and pink cashmere blend robes

Arlotta Cashmere Blend Long Robe


You know my thoughts on cashmere. You can literally never go wrong. And a robe might seem like such a cliche. But as more and more people move to work from home, the lines between getting dressed every day in street clothes and getting dressed every day in clothes that are simply comfortable are evaporating. A robe becomes that in-between piece that you end up wearing every day at some point. And this one is a little piece of everyday luxury that they’ll love.

spode blue cup and saucer

Spode Blue Italian Teacup and Saucer, Set of 4

AMAZON – $55.30

So I gifted these to myself this year. Which, yes, that is a thing you can totally do. These are quality pieces that make every cup of tea I drink out of them feel special. The color is one of my favorites, and they are simply something that I will cry over when I break one. Thankfully, this is a set of four so there are backups.

image of fog striped kanken backpack from fjallraven

Kanken Backpack, Fog Striped


If you have any middle or high school-aged children in your life or spend more than a little time being Very Online, you have been exposed to the massive cultural impact the Kanken is having right now. But this thing is a CLASSIC, comes in a bajillion color combos, and honestly could be carried by someone of any age. A casual bag that’ll last for years, and only looks better as it ages.

image of breville stick blender set

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

AMAZON – $84.99

Breville makes the best quality and best designed small appliances on the market, hands down. This immersion blender set was gifted to me 2 years ago, and it’s replaced my Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Hand Mixer, and Blender for all but the rarest cases. It is just so. well. designed. and stores so well in my tiny kitchen. And I think of the person who gave it to me every single time I use it. SUCH a good gift.

image of gold aluminum mechanical pencil

Aviation Aluminum Mechanical Pencil, Gold

AMAZON – $13.29

I am very particular about stationary. My favorite pencils and paper that I use every day are specifically Japanese, and the day they released white post-it notes is a day I will be thankful for forever. Yes, I am a huge nerd. If you have someone in your life who is the same way, this is a perfect gift for them. Machined aluminum that comes in a range of colors, with a magnetic ring that controls the length of the lead, this pencil writes like a dream and was rated in the top 3 of Gear Hungry’s Best Mechanical Pencils lists. (I think it’s better looking than both 1 and 2, so that’s why I’ve included it here.)

image of 4k apple tv and apple tv remote

Apple TV 4K

APPLE – $179.00 for 32GB and $199.00 for 64GB

Having once been gifted one of the original Apple TVs (by the same person who gave us the Breville Blender, they are an extremely talented gift giver), I can say that while it was something we wanted, it was one of those things that we just never got around to buying. And with the world of streaming TV fully upon us, and as I feel the Apple TV interface is the best of the lot (and we’ve tried them ALL), if the person you’re buying for loves TV at all, this is the perfect gift for them. My spouse also enjoys the games, and we also use it as our hub for our programmed lighting. It’s just so easy to use.

image of gunmetal corkcicle water bottle canteen

Corkcicle Metallic Canteen, 16oz, Gunmetal

CORKCICLE – $32.95

Shout out for a local Orlando company that made good in the big ole world! There are so many options for water bottles out there, but I love the finishes and shapes the Corkcicle team puts out. This is their starter shape, but there are so many more to chose, and lots of accessories to go with. So pick something in their favorite color, and stay hydrated, friends!

image of walnut cutting boards and forged chef's knife

Walnut Wood Cutting Board & S.S.B. Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

FOODIEBORDS – $37.00 & BEST MADE CO. – $148

The best cutting boards are made by hand. The same goes for knives, come to think of it. And this pair is a beauty, in walnut on the board and Shou Sugi Ban chestnut on the knife. I have knives I was given almost 20 years ago, and they are just as incredible today. Nothing better than a sharp knife and a beautiful board to use it on.

image of blue quip toothbrush for kids

Kids Starter Set Quip Toothbrush

QUIP – $25.00 + $5 a quarter for head refills

Such a longstanding tradition of getting a toothbrush in your stocking for Christmas. And this kid’s sized one is so good! Not everything has to be covered in characters for the kiddos. This set comes in 4 colors, and also comes with a tube of watermelon toothpaste. We switched to Quip last year, and it’s been fantastic.

image of Dagne Dover Allyn Tote in Oxblood Leather

Allyn Tote, Small, in Oxblood Leather

DAGNE DOVER – $305.00

It seems like there is always another bag company on the horizon. But a classic, well-made bag that goes with everything? Those are few. Which is why I love this tote from Dagne Dover. Big enough to carry a tablet or small laptop, but not so huge it’s a pain to carry, it also comes in 11 different materials, it’s the pockets on the inside that make this truly special. They’ve also got non-leather options galore in other styles. Dagne Dover also offers a teacher and military discount for 20% if you sign up here.

image of african american man wearing a denim apron

Jack Crossback Big Apron

HEDLEY & BENNETT – $130.00

Aprons aren’t just for cooking, you know. Aprons can make you feel official no matter what task you’ve set your mind to. And it’s not often that an apron is described in its sales copy as ‘badass’, so it’s really no question that whomever in your life loves a project, they’ll love this apron. Made of 10oz denim with leather details, this is still machine washable! And it’ll last a lifetime.

And we’re halfway done with the gift ideas for 2019! Next week, I’ll be talking about gifts that help you live life consciously for the planet and gifts that give back with your purchase.

Till then, Happy Shopping!

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed by your renovation anymore.

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of solutions for the overwhelming home projects in your busy life.

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