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A gender-neutral, all ages gift guide for 2021 with unique ideas to give comforting gifts at any price point.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Small Comforts

a hand holding a small gift box tied with red ribbon in front of a christmas tree with warm glowing lights

The first of this year’s gift guides is filled with small ways to give comfort, no matter what they need.

Comfort is what gets us through, and are the little rewards for a tough day. But I’m also a huge advocate for caring for those around us in whatever ways they need, be it a warm cup of tea, some soft socks, a good night’s rest, or just something to do with their anxiety-filled hands.

Check out this year’s other gift guides, Moments of Joy and Everyday Beauty. Also, check out all the past shopping guides right here.

Warm Light

Warm, glowy light is 100% the best way to relax after a long day. Or comfort in a dark room, no matter your age. I really love this rope light and bulb hung from a fun hook in a reading nook, or simply in the corner over a cozy chair.

glowing moon lamp with wood stand

Moon Lamp – $19.99

round edison bulb with twisted rope cord

Vintage Look Cord – $12.90

Edison Bulb – $15.99

white salt lamp with wood base

White Salt Lamp – $18.50

A Special Cuppa

No matter if this is how they start their day, or just how they take a break in the afternoon, you can make the experience so special with this lovely cup and saucer, my favorite tea sachets, and some really fancy sugar.

A Pan & A Plan

I love to cook. I love to make plans. But do I love to make a meal plan? Not necessarily. So give them the comforting gift of not having to make a decision with these really great dice, a simple to use list maker, and this classic cast iron pan to make it in.

Satisfying Cleaning Tools

Strangely satisfying cleaning videos have become my go-to for relaxing. But I’ve also realized that there are plenty of tools out there that give you the same feeling, and ALSO a really clean house. So give them the gift of satisfaction, too, with these three cleaning tools, which have become my most enjoyable chores.

Fuzzy (Cashmere) Socks

Not just fuzzy, but soft, warm, and grown in the USA. 100% CASHMERE is all you really need to know.

Hydration Station

Have you had enough water today? Have they? Get them a cute new water bottle or tumbler to keep them hydrated and happy.

The Best Books

Pandemic reading has been, let’s say, weird at best – except when it came to these three comforting books. My favorites of the year, hands down.

Love in Color by Bolu Babalola

Love In Color’ by Bolu Babalola – $25.99

Every Room Should Sing by Beata Heuman

‘Every Room Should Sing’ by Beata Heuman- $50.60

Bomb Shell by Sarah MacLean

‘Bomb Shell’ by Sarah MacLean – $8.27

A Good Night’s Rest

NOTHING is more important than getting a good night’s rest. So this trio of gifts ensures that they’ll rest peacefully and be able to tackle their day.

Caftans! Caftans for everyone!

Listen. We can’t go back to pants. It’s simply not in our best interests. Pants are not worth it. These caftans on the other hand? 100% worth it. Get one for yourself while you’re at it, you will not regret it. Because we all deserve to be comfortable (and just a little bit glamorous).

Sunshine Supplies

No matter if they’ve got a big island trip planned, simply love to run to the beach on the weekends, or have big plans for their backyard come summer, these gifts get them prepared for some fun in the sun. These Turkish towels pack so easily, dry quickly, and shed sand so well. And yes, this is sunscreen is worth the price – it’s the best.

A Sexy Toothbrush

There’s no way I’m doing these gift guides without a toothbrush on at least one of them. But these all-black toothbrush designs are surprisingly sexy, on top of being healthy choices.

Music Everywhere

There is no reason why you can’t have music in every scenario: in the tub, on the patio, even on a walk. Music soothes and inspires, and it’s a simple way to change their mood. These three rechargeable Bluetooth speakers let you give comforting music no matter where they are. (And we use this Block Rocker WAY MORE than I ever expected to – it’s amazing.)

Little Helpers

Modern life is, let’s say, a challenge. Any little thing that can help them get through their day is crucial. These six things are little helpers for the things that make us all anxious these days. So no matter if they’ve reached the state of ‘Too Many Humans’, if they just need to keep their hands busy, or if they need a welcome scent to re-center themselves, these little helpers will be there for them.

Giving comfort in small ways is so important to the survival of these modern days we’re living in. So I hope these gift guides help you to share small comforts with everyone in your life. Happy Shopping, friends!

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed by your renovation anymore.

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of solutions for the overwhelming home projects in your busy life.

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