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Easy ways to get Farmhouse Style Curb Appeal for your home’s exterior, with tips, ideas, and sources.

Know Your Home: Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

photo showing a traditional two-story farmhouse surrounded by field grasses

Learn all about Ranch House style with ideas, tips, and sources to modernize your home.

Know Your Home: Ranch House Style

image showing a white ranch house with blue windows with a curving sidewalk under a huge old oak tree with golden sunlight on the white rosebushes in front of the house

Learn about your mid-century house and make it your dream home.

Know Your Home: Mid-Century Modern Style

image of a white painted mid century modern house with tall yellow doors, with a xeriscaped front yard with palms and succulent cacti

Learn about Cottage Style for your exterior, including lots of ideas and sources.

Know Your Home: Cottage Style

image showing row of english stone cottages with charming plantings in front and sage green trim

How to host your first thanksgiving without losing your mind. All of my secret tips…

Party Basics: Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

friends share a thanksgiving dinner with full plates of food on white plates at a wooden table

How to attempt exterior updates to your first home, with tips and tricks (and sources!).

Curb Appeal 101: Your First House

red and yellow farrow and ball paint chip accordion card with paint names on each chip

Pros, Cons & Everything you need to know if you want to Paint Your Brick

EXTERIOR Q & A: Should I Paint My Brick?

white brick house with black shutters surrounded by green trees


Ordering Renovation Materials

Ordering Renovation Materials Digital PDF Download Cover on an ipad floating over a wall with shadows on it

Stop pretending to understand contractor jargon, and know exactly what to tell them.

Elevated Exteriors: 3 Keys to a Successful Renovation

a cottage home under construction with warm tones and stone accents

You'll have someone on your side with the expertise and the vision to bring your dream home to life, increasing the value of your property and giving you a home you truly love.

Let's create your dream home, together.

not quite ready to DESIGN-IT-YOURSELF?

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