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Color Love: Yellow

Jan 22

Mel Sikorski


Yellow.  Is.  Everywhere.  It’s a color that is classic.  It is striking, but it’s a little scary to use Yellow in everyday life because it attracts attention, both good and bad.  This is a color that’s joyful and filled with power.

horse in Lascaux caves with raw ochre pigment

Humans are naturally drawn to it as it is the color of sunlight and warmth. It was found in the Lascaux Caves in France, making it one of the earliest colors used in art. Ancient Egyptians considered it imperishable, eternal and indestructible. In Asian countries, its the color most associated with happiness, glory, harmony, and wisdom. 

word cloud with emotions and meanings of color yellow

There is a reason that the words “brilliant” and “bright” also mean smart and wise.  That reason is the color Yellow.  These days, this color is everywhere – and not just on warning signs.  It’s such a nice ochre variation that’s out right now, too, not too bright, not too dark.  It reads as earthy and bright at the same time.

I fully support this current popularity.   I grew up in a yellow house, I painted my first two apartment kitchens yellow, and I carried a yellow bouquet at my wedding.

paint combos that work with yellow palettes

This hue is great in combo with many other colors, as long as they are at the same level of saturation as the hue you’ve chosen. 

So let’s talk about some small ways to add this hue to your color palette, interior or event, right now.   Keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it fun.


Ideas for your Exterior

Brightening up your front porch and entry door is the easiest way to use this color on your exterior.  These things are a quick hit of friendly color to welcome your guests.  However, I would recommend no more than two of these at a time, though.

yellow curb appeal ideas wreath door mat side stool patio chair and paint samples

01 – Sunshine Wreath from Williams-Sonoma | 02 – Southern Living’s Favorite Charleston Doors, photo by @thecharlestonlens | 03 – SW 6684 BrittleBush Exterior Paint from Sherwin-Williams | 04 – SW 6674 Jonquil Exterior Paint from Sherwin-Williams | 05 – Masters Outdoor chair by Philippe Stark and Eugeni Quitllet in Mustard from Kartell | 06 – Millais Mustard Stool by Artistic Weavers at | 07 – Bungalow Fl0ooring Aqua Sheild Hello Floormat in Yellow

Ideas for your Interior

Again, I would recommend this color in small doses to start.  Even one of these things can be enough to bring a bright sunny disposition to your room.  Yellow can also be absolutely beautiful as an accent wall, but it can be tricky to get just right.  I can help you pick the right color for your space.

yellow interior decor accent kitchen bath ideas roundup

01 – Mustard Royal Reproduction Encaustic Tile by Jatana Interiors, photo by Leah Weinstein Photography | 02 – Drift Matte Yellow Dinnerware by CB2 | 03 – 12.2″x12″ Decorative Basket Natural Yellow by Opalhouse at | 04 – Smeg Full Size Refridgerator in Yellow at Williams-Sonoma | 05 – Minted for West Elm – Head For The Hills by Jess Franks | 06 – Velvet Ikat Applique Pillow Cover in Yellow / Natural at Williams-Sonoma Home | 07 – Yellow Kitchen cabinets in West Village residence designed by @studioshamshiri, photo by @shadeggesphotography | 08 – Fretwork Console Table in Summer Wheat by Threshold at | 09 – Camille Towel Collection in Maize at

Ideas for your Wedding and Events

My favorite place to use yellow?  Events.  It’s just gorgeous and works for so many different styles and occasions.  It blends well with so many other colors, it’s versatility can’t be matched.  This is the time to really go for it – be bold, be brave.  Be happy.

yellow event decor accents floral party ideas

01 – Honeycomb Diamond 12″ in Gold from Oh Happy Day | 02 – Floral Design by Apotheca | 03 – 11″ Marble Balloons in Sunshine Swirl from Oh Happy Day | 04 – Crinkle Silk Runner, Mustard Silk Table Runners by Party Crush Studio | 05 – Yellow Glass Table Setting by Elizabeth Ann Designs, photo by KT Merry Photography | 06 – Mustard Linen Bow Tie by Fox & Brie | 07 – Tissue Paper Fan 21″ from Oh Happy Day | 08 – Nessa Mustard Yellow Suede Ankle Strap Heels at | 09 – Invites designed by Lise Mailman at Ruban Collectif

I hope these ideas help you to see how yellow could work for you. And I wish you days filled with sunshine and happiness!

Learn more about how I can help with your project, and see examples of what you will receive.

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