For over 20 years, I've been helping people all over the US with their color, interior and event projects - think of me as your own personal shopper for whatever you're working on, no matter the budget.

In fact, I specialize in smaller projects with tight budgets and quick turnaround - and lots of DIY'ers.  

Listen, living a stylish life doesn't have to be stressful, and you deserve it no matter what your budget might be!  I've been there, and I'm here to share what I've learned in the process. 




hear from you soon,

With personal, one-on-one service, I will help you make sense of the overwhelming projects, give you confidence that your valuable time and hard-earned money are being spent wisely, and help you create memories to last a lifetime.

When you're ready, let me know how I can help, and we'll get it done, together. 

Your time is valuable.

You’ll not only save time at the beginning, while I’m doing the research and legwork, but at the end, when the things you order for your project are right the first time. And my experience has taught me what areas need more focus and what’s not as important to spend precious time on.

You deserve concierge level service.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that only the rich deserve the services of a designer or even amazing personalized service. So no matter what your budget is for your project, you can expect your desires & requests to be the most important part of the process.

Not everyone loves ‘boho-glamour-chic'.

When you work with West-South, you can have pieces from any and everywhere - not just a specific group of stores or a tiny group of pre-approved vendors. Your project will reflect you and your personal style.  I don't receive commission on pieces, so you can trust that what I propose for you is what I think you'll love, not what I profit most from. 

Why West-South?

Working with Mel was like waving a magic wand and instantly having a new place that felt like home.

cape canaveral, fl

She did so much to understand my style. I had no idea what my style was or what I wanted. Mel made all of those worries go away. Now I have a house that I can be proud of!


I was blown away by the color proposals!
Mel made me excited about my house again!


Mel was able to bring my likes and preferences to life in a way that I would NEVER have imagined. 

Interior styling client
park city, ut

Mel helped us plan the best party of our lives.
Everyone kept saying how much it felt like us.
 Our friends still talk about it!


What to expect from me:

I’ll listen.
 And I’ll ask questions.

I’m going to ask a lot of questions after I listen to you describe your project. I want to get to know you & understand what you need. I want to hear your answer but also how you answer it, what you’re most passionate about & what’s not as important to you.  

I’ll respect your budget.

We’ll talk about your budget boundaries during the first meeting, & I’ll respect that discussion during the entire project. I’m never going to show you something I know you can’t afford.

I’ll meet your deadlines.

Your time is important. I’m not going to send you a part I know doesn’t fit into your schedule. I’m not going to suggest a project that is too labor intensive for your needs. And I’m always going to check stock before I suggest something and let you know upfront what the lead-time will be.

I’ll be clear and concise.

A tool is worthless if it’s hard to work with. So I’ll make sure the instructions for shopping and installation are clear & concise as can be.  

I’ll take care of the details.

I’ll make sure you know where to go, who to talk to and what to say to get the pieces and parts for your project. I’ll recommend licensed & insured contractors in your area to help you cross the finish line with ease; if you’re DIYing, I’ll outline tips & tricks for the job at hand. In order to avoid surprises on your end, I’ll cover every needed screw, every delivery plan, & every checklist I can. You can trust that what you receive is a well-researched, double & triple checked path to success.  





I used to design yachts.  This explains why I have trouble with left and right - my brain still thinks in PORT and STARBOARD!

Gift-giving is my love language.
(The secret is constant observation, and a reminders list in my phone).

I firmly believe Saturdays in the fall are meant only for viewing college football.


I love coffee and tea, especially if its brewed by hand. My collection of tea and coffee pots is getting out of hand.


My final meal, should I be blessed to have the choice, will be a perfectly cooked steak, med-rare with a baked potato. And a Manhattan.


The only thing I truly miss about winter is the sound your boots make when you walk on snow. crinkle...


In my younger days, I was a vocalist.  If not for design I'd be a music teacher in a small high school somewhere.


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