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This isn't like those other online design services 

I'm not going to speed through your design to create run of the mill plans,
showing you only whatever pieces and parts make me the most commission.
Instead, you'll get a design that fits with your budget, works with your skillset, and feels uniquely you.

This isn't just about getting it done

I'm the listener.  The facilitator.  The idea generator.  The finder.  The figure-outer.

But what makes your design magical are the little tidbits of your life and your story that you share with me.

This is working together to figure it out

Design should be personal.  A connection between you and your designer.

About discovering your vision, and then bringing it to life.

This is design with a thoughtful approach

And pinning for hours will only get you so far.

I’ve had friends come to me desperate for help because their kitchen flooded, when they've been thrown into renovation unprepared. Now they have to pick new finishes with no definite plans, because their insurance contractor starts in a week. Because life doesn't stop for a broken pipe...  

I’ve worked that 50hr week, hustling through daily life, then scrambling to pick the paint colors for the new house on late nights and weekends - falling asleep on the sofa with my laptop open, 50 tiny white paint chips that were all essentially the same all around me.  Too tired to make a decision...

I know how hard it can be to tackle these big projects.

and then?

I'll show you how to get it done.

So, I will listen to what you want.
I will make sure you have everything you need. 
I will cover every little detail.

And you don't have to be good at everything - asking for help is totally allowed!

It doesn't  have to be so hard.

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of easy solutions for the overwhelming projects in your life.  

You can stop feeling overwhelmed with that big project, and instead feel empowered to make it happen.

You'll have someone listen to what you want, 
make sure you have what you need, and
show you how to get it done. 

Hello, I'm Mel

get the help you need now



"Working with Mel was like waving a magic wand and instantly having a new place that felt like home." 



"She did so much to understand my style. I had no idea what my style was or what I wanted. Mel made all those worries go away, and now I have a house I can be proud of."



"Mel was so insightful, so thoughtful, and so informative.  She understood our special issues and helped us understand them too. It was such a relief and exciting too!"

kind words

let's work together

Peace of mind is one click away.

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed?

Upgrading to first class flights; reading smart and snappy romance novels; a fancy dinner on a Tuesday.

my not-so-guilty pleasures ARE...

Classic Steakhouse: A perfectly cooked steak, medium-rare with a loaded baked potato.  And a Manhattan. 


A fun spot near the ocean, anywhere we can road trip to, or a 5-star hotel with excellent room service.

My favorite vacation is...

The idea that Kindness & Thoughtfulness are the key to Happiness.  


Organizing cupboards.  Reading actual printed magazines.  Watching classic films or British TV.  Making plans.

I relax by...

A tiny town in Montana! While the West will be home for me, always, I've made a life in the South for 25 years now.

I was born & RAISED in...

a few Tidbits

And still do, sometimes.  Yes, really!

It taught me that people want the same ease of living no matter how much they're spending and that a day on the water can cure just about anything.

It also explains why I have trouble with left and right - my brain still thinks in PORT and STARBOARD! 

I used to design yachts full-time.

Married for twenty-one years this year (!!!), we met in Savannah during our time at SCAD. 

Bri is the rock that keeps me grounded, the sounding board for all my crazy ideas and the reason I've seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture more than 10 times.  

Husband.  Bestie.  Partner-in-crime.

I firmly believe Saturdays in the fall are meant only for viewing college football.

My Mother's family is deeply rooted in Nebraska.  So yes, this IS me at age 3 in a formal portrait studio rocking my Huskers gear.  Real fans know.  And also probably have one of these same portraits.



I could never choose between coffee OR tea.

I mean, I came of age in the Northwest in the 90's.  But also I love a cuppa.

In any case my collection of tea and coffee pots is getting out of hand.

I cannot function before caffeine.

That is, until I get to have Thanksgiving dinner out in the backyard. Or swim outdoors in February.

The only thing I truly miss about winter is the sound your boots make when you walk on snow.


I do miss real winter sometimes.

The secret is constant observation, and a reminders list in my phone.

People tell you exactly what they want, you just have to listen very carefully!

Gift Giving is my love language.


You'll not only save time in the beginning, while I'm doing the research and legwork for you, but at the end, too, when the things you order for your project are right the first time. 

And my experience has taught me which areas need more focus, and what's not a relevant to spend precious time on. 

Will this really save me time?


Aside from the fee for design services, the rest of your budget is entirely up to you - there is no minimum you need to spend.  

So no matter what your budget is, you can expect your desires & requests to be the most important part of the project.

Is there a minimum budget?


I understand that you are an individual, with individual tastes.  

Also, when you work with me, you can have pieces from any and everywhere - not just a specific group of stores or a tiny group of pre-approved vendors.  Do you love vintage?  Great! So do I!  Trying to shop only from one specific store for a registry?  Excellent! And, congrats!

I will only show you materials, finishes and fixtures that are openly available - no 'To The Trade'.  And since I don't receive commission on materials or furnishings, you can trust that what I propose for your project is what I think you'll love, and not what I profit most from - and your project will reflect you and your style.  

Will you work with any style?

I'll be there for you!

We will go through as many questions and try as many options as possible during your consultation week. 

But, after final delivery of the project to you, if you ever need a question answered, clarification on an installation note, or sadly, a replacement for something that has been discontinued before you order, I'm available for quick messages, then, too. 

What if I need help after i make my final choices?


E-Design is a great way to get your project started, or to select the final materials and colors to finish your project.   

I work on projects from coast to coast in the US - and Canada, too!  

So even if your project is local, the E-Design process is a great way to get the thoughtful design help you need in a quick and affordable way.  

Do you only offer online design services?

I acknowledge my privilege as a white cishet woman and pledge to be an ally, as I am able, to those in my community and the world. I understand that I have a great deal to both learn and un-learn. 

I believe that everyone has an equal right to get help finding the perfect paint color, designing their dream home, or making their personal spaces work for them. This right is regardless of age, gender, biological sex, skin color, heritage, nation of birth, or religious affiliation.  

You can read my full Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy HERE


If you want to, you absolutely should! 

I love to DIY myself, and have been helping my father with construction & carpentry projects since I was tall enough reach the workbench and hold the end of the tape measure.  

That being said, there are some things that I will always recommend to be contracted out, sometimes for sake of safety, sometimes for the sake of time or complication.   Every project is a little different.  

We'll discuss your needs, skills and level of involvement before your project gets started. 

What if i want to DIY?

That's okay, because that is exactly what I'm here for. 

We'll talk about it before your project starts, and I can help you to discover not only what you really want, but what will work best for your home.  

I also love to research things on Pinterest, but I know how overwhelming that can get if you're not into pinning.  In that case, I can email you images and color combos specific to your tastes when we talk about your likes and dislikes during your consultation. 

What if I don't know what I want?

I enjoy specifying quality paints from many vendors, including Farrow & Ball, Behr, Valspar and Benjamin Moore. However, my particular favorite, because they best balance quality, service, color range AND cost, is Sherwin-Williams.  

Sherwin-Williams is also a favorite of a lot professional painters, so they are usually willing to use the spec as is and not have another brand re-tinted. Working with a paint your painter loves will get you the best results, every time!

All that being said, I'm going to help you choose the right paint for YOUR project, no matter what brand!

Do you have a favorite paint brand?

let's work together

Because you don't have to go it alone.

Are you ready to have someone to share the load with?

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