Is that Paint Color Keeping You Up at night?

Busy People


Exterior Design Help

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is such a challenge!

Choosing COLORS for your house

So it's no surprise that

You're juggling work, family, daily life - sometimes even deciding what to eat for dinner seems like too much to handle.

Life these crazy!


How do you combine it with what you already have?

What will it REALLY look like when it's all done?

What if you pick the wrong color - Or the wrong paint?

This is just what you need!

Trying to decide where to start,

Endlessly scrolling Pinterest,

Wondering what you're dealing with,

Rushing to pick the colors while your painters wait,

Second guessing what you've already chosen,

if you Are

up to three paint color samples

one shared private pinterest board

One Rendered view ofyour exterior

guidance for your specific home and situation

professional second opinion on your current choices

consultation by email for one week, with as many emails as you want

consultation by email for one week with as many emails as you want

professional second opinion on your current choices

guidance for your specific home and situation

One rendered view of your exterior

one shared private pinterest board



what you receive:


Perfect when you're starting the pre-planning phase or if you are further into your design and need help with the final choices.

email consultation

Exterior Design

and you can stop feeling overwhelmed

If your project is larger in scope, I strongly recommend finding a local team of designers and architects to not only act as your onsite advocate during construction, but to ensure that all local building codes, installation regulations and permit requirements are met. 

creating architectural plans for structures like decks or pergolas

choosing furnishings and accessories for your outdoor living spaces

selecting plants or creating detailed plans for grading, retaining walls or hardscape areas

determining inspirations for basic planting and hardscape FINISHES

creating new window or door openings in a fascade

selecting door and window styles for existing openings and shapes

creating schematics for installers to use to add new lighting or run wiring

choosing finishing details like door hardware or light fixtures for existing boxes

adding or removing elements like dormers, additions or support elements

choosing paint colors & finish options for exterior siding, roofing, doors & trim

E-Design services are best for projects that do not involve major structural, architectural, or landscaping changes.

A NOTE on project scope

great for e-design:

not recommended for e-design:

Please also note: I am by no means of measure a landscape designer!  I can help you determine the inspirations for your hardscape areas and talk through which plant textures or colors might compliment your renovated home. However, I cannot  help you determine which hardscape materials are best, the exact plants you should use for your zone or help you design structures like retaining walls, decks, or pergolas.

After the mid-week video, we can go back and forth with as many emails and other ideas as you'd like for the rest of the week.  

At the end of the week, you'll get a final PDF, and I'll turn the Pinterest board over to you. If you need samples, I will get those ordered and shipped to you right away.

You'll end the week knowing what you want, excited for your project to get finished, and feeling confident instead of overwhelmed.

Get a clear idea of the next steps

Feel Confident


Using your photographs, I create renderings with a few different options based on your inspirations, home, and skillset. 

I organize ideas for you on a private Pinterest board, with more inspirations and sources for colors, materials, and fixtures.

Within a few days, you'll get a short video presentation with all my thoughts to review. I'll clearly explain the opportunities and possibilities. You'll also receive a PDF with the proposals to reference offline.    

Picture how your home could look

see the potential


Your questionnaire answers, the photos of your house, and the links to your inspiration are the just the start. I also want to hear what you're dreaming of, how you've gotten to this point, and what you've been overwhelmed by.

I'll email you  when your consultation begins to start the conversation about your project.  I'll ask more specific in depth questions to learn how I can help and what you need.

And you can email me whenever you have the time. No meetings, no calls, no stress!

It all starts with you

Tell Your Story


three easy steps

So, how does it work?

camarillo, CA


"Working with Mel was the BEST money I've ever spent. I'm feeling so much more confident."

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of easy solutions for the overwhelming projects in your life.  

You can stop feeling overwhelmed with that big project, and instead feel empowered to make it happen.

You'll have someone  who will listen to what you want, 
make sure you have what you need, and show you how to get it done. 

Hello, I'm Mel

Colleyville, TX


"Mel has helped me on several projects from across the country.  The most recent project has been on the purchase of our first home in Texas.  She has been a lifesaver! She did so much to understand my design style and made it fit so perfectly in to my new home.   I had no idea what my design style was or what I wanted and Mel made all of those worries go away and gave me a house that I can be proud of in return! "

"She has been a lifesaver!"


Book your consultation

• Signed Service Agreement

• Questionnaire Answers about your Project

• Links to Images of your Inspirations

• Photos of your home for Reference and Rendering

what I'll need from you:

• Consultation by email for one week

• Breakdown of your home's potential

• One Rendered view of your home with color and material proposals

• Organized Private Pinterest Board with Ideas and Sources

• 3 Paint Samples

what you receive from me:

Perfect when you're starting the pre-planning phase or if you are further into your design and need help with the final choices.


email consultation

Exterior design

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