diversity, equity & inclusion

I acknowledge my privilege as a white cishet woman and pledge to be an ally, as I am able, to those in my community and the world. I understand that I have a great deal to both learn and un-learn, and that I will continue to make mistakes as I do so.

I believe that everyone has an equal right to get help finding the perfect paint color, designing their dream home, or making their personal spaces work for them. This right is regardless of age, gender, biological sex, skin color, heritage, nation of birth, or religious affiliation.  

I do not support design themes that glorify indigenous cultures or appropriate their cultural items (such as tee-pees and trade blankets, juju hats and decorative beads, or globally woven textiles) without working with, crediting, and honoring their original creators & provenance.

I am more than happy to provide interior & home design services to non-traditional families, including but not limited to same-sex, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people, couples & families, regardless of skin color, heritage, nation of birth, or religious affiliation.

I am also more than happy to work with people with disabilities on designs for their homes. 

It is my pleasure to provide design help to people and organizations who share my beliefs as stated above regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

I have set a goal to follow the 15 percent pledge, which calls upon businesses and influencers to grow the share of Black businesses they empower to at least 15% of their promotion. I do this through what I share in my weekly newsletter and the sources I provide to design clients. 


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