Is That Paint Color Keeping You Up at Night?

An Online Studio providing

Busy People


Exterior Color help

is such a challenge!

Choosing COLORS

So it's no surprise that

You're juggling work, family, friends, daily life - sometimes even deciding what to eat for dinner seems like too much to handle.

Life these crazy!

Where can you find a great local painter? Or could you DIY?

How do you combine it with what you already have?

What will it REALLY look like when it's all done?

What if you pick the wrong color - Or the wrong paint?

You'll get you just the color you've been dreaming of.

envisioning your options,

sending you to my trusted sources,

and guiding you with my professional EXPERIENCE.

I will help you by

It doesn't have to be so hard!

You'll be able to sleep at night, knowing it's all covered.

peace of mind

Two opportunities to review the project with me after you make your final selections.

one-on-one reviews

A page with links to your final selections to complete your purchases.

personalized website

An easy spreadsheet to keep your budget on track.

simple budget

Access to my trusted sources and recommended trades for your area.

recommended contractors

A list of everything you need to do, and when you need to do it.

complete checklists

A video explaining all the proposals, side by side, for a no-pressure review.

no-pressure presentation

Material samples and swatches, sent directly to you.

color swatches

See multiple options for your project, to help you make your decision.

multiple proposals

A chat about your needs and desires before the project starts.

online consultation

What you'll receive

cape canaveral, fl


"I purchased a home that was in desperate need of a face-lift, and I worked with Mel for help with exterior color/paint selection. From just a very brief description of what I was going for she put together an entire collection of palette proposals within a very short time. Each proposal was exactly what I was looking for and actually made it tough to choose! She went above & beyond by also including suggestions for other details that would complement each palette and enhance the overall aesthetic such as awnings, shutters, doors & simple modifications - all within my budget & DIY capability. Mel's expertise in design & color selection helped dramatically improve the aesthetic & perceived value of my home!"

We meet again, and discuss what you liked, and what you didn't.  If you want more options, this is when I'll go back and find other solutions. 

After we've reviewed your final selections, and you have a design you're completely excited about, I'll send you easy to follow tools to bring the design to life. You'll have everything you need to make your purchases.

If you need help after the final decisions, we'll have two additional opportunities to meet and discuss.

you make
it happen


Once you've reserved my services by paying the design fee, you can relax while I design and plan for you. We'll discuss how long this phase will take during your design chat.

When your design proposals are complete, you'll get an email with a link to your video presentation. If your project requires samples or swatches, I'll send those directly to you in the mail.

Then, you can watch the presentation video as many times as you'd like. Take as long as you need to make your decisions before you schedule your next review, and share what you've picked.

I create
a plan


During your online design chat, we'll discuss everything about your project. You'll tell me what you need, when you need it, and how much you want to spend.  You can ask me any questions, too. 

I'll also help you decide what level of design service will work best for your project.

Afterwards, I'll hold a spot on my schedule for you for 48hrs.  You will be my only Color client while I'm designing your project.  This way I can fully focus on your needs all the way through.

we talk


How it works

Francis, UT


"Mel was able to bring my likes and preferences to life in a way that I would NEVER have imagined."

orlando, fl


"I was blown away by the color proposals!  Mel made me excited about my house again!"

cape canaveral, fl


"Working with Mel was like waving a magic wand and having a place that instantly felt like home."

colleyville, tx


"I had no idea what my style was or what I wanted.  Mel made all those worries go away, and now I have a house I can be proud of!"

are you ready to get that color right - the first time?

Then you can rest easy, knowing it's all covered.

You will have someone who will listen to what you want, 
make sure you have what you need, and
show you how to get it done. 

You can stop feeling overwhelmed with that big project, and instead feel empowered to make it happen.

Detailed planner, seasoned shopper, & thoughtful creator of easy solutions for the overwhelming projects in your life. 

And I've been helping people just like you for over 20 years.

Hello, I'm Mel!

Your investment options

Consultation by email for one week, with as many emails as you want          

included in this option:


A streamlined option to get you the professional guidance you need when you don't have the time to dig deep.


Professional second opinion on your current choices          

Guidance for your specific home and situation          

Up to three paint color samples delivered to your home          

learn more and start your consultation now

One Shared Private Pinterest Board

One Rendering of your Exterior Facade

Project Notes including Checklists, Installation Order, Notes for working with Trades & Guide to Placing Orders

Personalized Purchasing Website for all Selected Items

Recommended Contractors & Sources for all Selected Items

Final Budget Breakdowns & Tracking Spreadsheet for all Selected Items

Final Photo Renderings with all your feedback from Phase 1


Estimated 2 weeks Design time after final decisions


Color Samples as required

High Level Budget Breakdowns for all options

Three proposals with Photo Renderings with Paint or Stain Color Selections for Exterior Siding, Trim & Doors

Estimated 2 weeks Design time and up to 2 Revisions


included in this option:


A paint color plan for the Exterior or Interior of your home.

PAINT scheme

Project Notes including Checklists, Installation Order, Notes for working with Trades & Guide to Placing Orders

Personalized Purchasing Website for all Selected Items

Recommended Contractors & Sources for all Selected Items

Final Budget Breakdowns & Tracking Spreadsheet for all Selected Items

Final Photo Renderings with all your feedback from Phase 1


Estimated 2 weeks Design time after final decisions


Color & Materials Samples as required

High Level Budget Breakdowns for all items for all options

Siding, Roofing, Trim, Windows, Doors, Lighting, Furniture & Accents, and basic Landscaping & Hardscaping

Three proposals with Photo Renderings and Color & Materials Selections for:

Estimated 4 weeks Design time and up to 2 Revisions


included in this option:


An all-inclusive exterior curb appeal plan customized for your home, needs and skill set.

full exterior

Amounts shown are for each option are for design services only & do not include materials, supplies, trade services or vendor fees.

Full payment for design services & a signed contract are required before any design work will begin on your project.

A NOTE on project scope

E-Design services are best for projects that do not involve major structural, architectural, or landscaping changes.

If your project is larger in scope, I strongly recommend finding a local team of designers and architects to not only act as your onsite advocate during construction, but to ensure that all local building codes, installation regulations and permit requirements are met.  

Not sure where your project will fall in scope?
Let's chat about it!

choosing paint colors & finish options for exterior siding, roofing, doors & trim

adding or removing elements like dormers, additions or support elements

choosing finishing details like lighting fixtures and door hardware for existing boxes

creating schematics for installers to use to lay wiring or run new lighting

selecting doors and windows for existing openings and shapes

creating new window or door openings in a fascade

determining basic planting and hardscape areas for your landscape in your region

creating detailed plans for grading or retaining walls or hardscaped areas

choosing furnishings and accessories for your outdoor living spaces

creating architectural plans for youR living spaces or structures like pergolas


You'll not only save time in the beginning, while I'm doing the research and legwork for you, but at the end, too, when the things you order for your project are right the first time. 

And my experience has taught me which areas need more focus, and what's not a relevant to spend precious time on. 

Will this really save me time?


Aside from the fee for design services, the rest of your budget is entirely up to you - there is no minimum you need to spend.  

I don't subscribe to the theory that only the rich deserve the services of a designer or even fantastic personalized service.  

So no matter what your budget is, you can expect your desires & requests to be the most important part of the project.

Is there a minimum budget?


I understand that you are an individual, with individual tastes.  

Also, when you work with me, you can have pieces from any and everywhere - not just a specific group of stores or a tiny group of pre-approved vendors.  Your project will reflect you and your style.  

And I don't receive commission on pieces, so you can trust that what I propose for your is what I think you'll love, and not what I profit most from. 

Will you work with any style?

I'll be there for you!

Each service level gets you two revision cycles during Phase 1, to make sure your design is absolutely right for you. 

But, after final delivery of the project to you, if you ever need a question answered, clarification on an installation note, or sadly, a replacement for something that has been discontinued before you order, I'm available for quick messages, then, too. 

What if I need help after i make my final choices?

FIRST, you CLICK HERE to schedule your design chat, and answer a few questions about your project.  I'll email you back within 24hrs to confirm the meeting. 

NEXT, we 'meet' via FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout.  We talk about your answers to the questions, and your thoughts about the project.  After, I'll send you a recap email and a secure link to pay the service fee.  I will hold a spot for you on my schedule for 48hrs.  

THEN, once I've received the fee, I'll review everything we've discussed, and all the things you send me, and create a plan to implement your project.  When your design is ready, you'll receive an email with a link to your presentation video.  The video will walk you thorough both options, side by side and explain everything you see. You'll also receive a PDF of each option.  You can review the proposals at your own pace and not feel pressured to make decisions on the spot.  The email will also have a link to schedule your next consultation so you can tell me what you're liking and get your questions answered in person. 

LAST, we meet to go over your final decisions.  If there are any changes requested, I'll make those updates we'll review again.  Once you're excited about what you've chosen, I will send all final plans, schedules and shopping lists to you via email. 

How does the process work?

Due to the current pandemic, yes.

Once it's safe again, I will also work locally, but the rates and timing will be a little different.

Reach out HERE to set up a free consultation to discuss local service rates, non-digital work or other special rates. 

Do you only offer online design services?

I acknowledge my privilege as a white cishet woman and pledge to be an ally, as I am able, to those in my community and the world. I understand that I have a great deal to both learn and un-learn. 

I believe that everyone has an equal right to get help finding the perfect paint color, designing their dream home, or making their personal spaces work for them. This right is regardless of age, gender, biological sex, skin color, heritage, nation of birth, or religious affiliation.  

You can read my full Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy HERE


If you want to, you absolutely should! 

I love to DIY myself, and have been helping my father with construction & carpentry projects since I was tall enough reach the workbench and hold the end of the tape measure.  

That being said, there are some things that I will always recommend to be contracted out, sometimes for sake of safety, sometimes for the sake of time or complication.   Every project is a little different.  

We'll discuss your needs, skills and level of involvement during your free design chat. 

What if i want to DIY?

That's okay, because that is exactly what I'm here for. 

We'll talk about it during the free design chat, but I can help you to discover not only what you want, but what will work best for your home.  

I also love to research things on Pinterest, but I know how overwhelming that can get if you're not into pinning.  In that case, I can email you images and color combos specific to your tastes after we talk about your likes and dislikes during the chat. 

What if I don't know what I want?

Yes, and no.

I enjoy specifying quality paints from many vendors, including Farrow & Ball, Behr, Valspar and Benjamin Moore. However, my particular favorite, because they best balance quality, service, color range AND cost, is Sherwin-Williams.  

They've also been the easiest to work with - even way back in design school, when they helped me out as a student working through her first materials library.   

Sherwin-Williams is also a favorite of a lot professional painters, so they are usually willing to use the spec as is and not have another brand re-tinted. Working with a paint your painter loves will get you the best results, every time!

All that being said, I'm going to help you choose the right paint for YOUR project, no matter what brand!

Do you have a favorite paint brand?

Colleyville, TX


"Mel has helped me on several projects from across the country.  The most recent project has been on the purchase of our first home in Texas.  She has been a lifesaver! She did so much to understand my design style and made it fit so perfectly in to my new home.   I had no idea what my design style was or what I wanted and Mel made all of those worries go away and gave me a house that I can be proud of in return! "

"She has been a lifesaver!"

A home you can be proud of is one click away