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image of balcony with chair table and plant for balcony and patio ideas


Outdoor Decor: Balcony & Patio Ideas

Ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces, no matter how much room you have to work with.

Image of Mid century modern style home in palm springs california


Know Your Home: Mid-Century Modern Style

Learn about your mid-century house and make it your dream home.


Color Love: Pantone Color of the Year 2020

So many ways to use this color of the year in your life.

image of red brick house with christmas wreath on door


Color Love: Red

Ways to use this beautiful, powerful and elemental color in your life.

image showing row of english stone cottages with charming plantings in front and sage green trim


Know Your Home: Cottage Style

Learn about Cottage Style for your exterior, including lots of ideas and sources.

forest with softly running river and rocks with moss surrounded by trees just starting to turn gold


Color Love: Moss Green

Easy ways to add some mossy olive green to you life.

red and yellow farrow and ball paint chip accordion card with paint names on each chip


Curb Appeal 101: Your First House

How to attempt exterior updates to your first home, with tips and tricks (and sources!).

stone multistory home with bright yellow window frames shutters and door


Color Love: Yellow

How to use the color of sunshine and warmth in your life.